Apps: Hockey Tips

February 23, 2011

An innovative app using 60+ videos which cover hockey skill development, instruction in power skating skills & hockey tips. For all hockey players (from beginners learning how to play to advanced players), coaches and parents.


The app covers the following main skill categories which are broken down into sub-categories when tapped:

1. Skating
2. Passing
3. Shooting
4. Carrying The Puck
5. Stickhandling
6. Offensive & Defensive Play
7. Deking The Goalie

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Many hockey players ask themselves the question, “How can I really improve.” “I don’t know what to do or where to start.” That’s where this app comes in, where the skills are broken down using video and mark-up so that players can see the detailed mechanics of each skill and copy the movements on the ice themselves. “Video don’t lie” and when it’s slowed down and freeze-framed, a whole lot more can be seen than watching a player do a skill at normal or high speed. You can be 4 or 64 and still be able to improve your skills effectively with the help of this app.





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