Apps: Ultimate! RPS

November 4, 2010


Inuksuk Studios is proud to announce the release of our first mobile game, Ultimate! Rock, Paper, Scissors.

This game includes numerous variations on the classic game of Rock, Paper Scissors, including an insanely complex 101 weapon variation that contains 5050 possible battle outcomes. Play by yourself, or with a friend  and enjoy hours of engaging hilarity.

Available in the App Store

The game includes 7 variations of Rock, Paper Scissors including the following.

  • RPS-3 This is the original version of rock, paper scissors.
  • RPS-5 This variant adds an alien and a cockroach to the mix.
  • RPS-7 Battle with the power of air, fire, water and a sponge.
  • RPS-9- Builds on  RPS-7 but add the ever unpredictable man and gun.
  • RPS-11-everything from RPS-9,  but with the addition of devil and wolf.
  • RPS-15 You have everything from RPS-11 but can also call forth a dragon, lightning, snake, or a tree
  • RPS-25 – Too many to list!
  • RPS-101 – Far many to list!

This game is based on the original work of
David Lovelace (

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